We are completely excited to present the 2014-2015 version of College Kayak Fishing (CKF). Simply put, CKF is an affordable national tournament trail where collegiate anglers can compete for scholarships, prizes, and most of all, for fun!

One of the most prominent functions of College Kayak Fishing is to provide anglers with the information and tools necessary to organically build self-sustaining kayak fishing clubs at their universities. CKF facilitates positive working relationships with collegiate anglers to seek sponsorship through their universities and outside businesses that actively contribute to the industry. By doing this CKF helps the up-and-coming anglers participate more readily in events across the nation. Check out the video and information below for more details about this cutting-edge organization!

College Kayak Fishing is poised to have a banner year in 2015. Tournament Director Aaron Stiger and Assistant Director Samantha Gay have over 20 events slated in the Bass Series and Salt Series in 16 states across the nation. There are going to be over 50 different universities participating throughout the year. The goal for each event is 30 anglers, with some events reaching over 100 collegiate anglers. Anglers participate in the Catch, Photo, Release tournaments with one other team member from their university. A university may have as many two-man teams as they wish, and this is one of the features that makes CKF unique.

To run an event, CKF is working with local kayak shops. These dealers are generally allowing the students to use their demo boats for little to no cost. Some events become so large, that multiple dealers have gotten on board to accommodate the number of anglers who need kayaks, paddles, and PFDs. This is what makes CKF like no other. In powerboat tournaments, bass clubs at a university must choose 2 to 4 anglers who will participate in the tournament. In CKF, every angler, regardless of experience on the water, is able to participate for an affordable $20 entry fee. At each event, dealers justify the anglers’ expenses with $250 in prizes. CKF also works with other sponsors to provide additional prizes like lures, gear, and other industry-related products. Conducting events benefits our dealers greatly because, for very little investment, they are exposing a whole new generation who has never seen kayak fishing to the sport. Ultimately, it will bring business back to them. Also, CKF, like River Bassin, is indefinitely scalable, and will continue to grow in coming years.

College Kayak Fishing also uses the innovative online tournament software, where anglers also register for their event at kayakfishingseries.com. This is the same software River Bassin utilizes during tournaments and features live scoring as anglers submit their catches on their smart phones. The CKF team judges these events from the back end of the website, and provides immediate feedback to the local tournament director. The system is quick, efficient, and enhances the tournament experience for all participants.

Both the Salt and Freshwater series’ will have a national championship event during, “Championship Week” that will run from June 6th-14th. The Bass Series Championship will be held in the Sparta, TN area on June 13th and 14th. College Kayak Fishing will be working with Jackson Kayak to set up a tour of the factory for the attendees, and campgrounds for the days leading up to the event for the anglers. All anglers will qualify for the championship in 2015, however at each event points will be assigned, and will accumulate indefinitely throughout the season as anglers attend more CKF events. Anglers with the most points will be awarded prizes at the National Championship. Included in these prizes are Jackson Kayaks and scholarships! The Salt Championship will be held at the Grand Isle area around New Orleans on June 6th and 7th. This Championship will also consist of a compilation of points from each event and includes many great prizes, including Jackson Kayaks and scholarships, much like the Bass Series. The concentration of the Salt Series is currently in the Gulf Coast area.

What makes CKF so compelling is the opportunity it gives collegiate anglers not only to participate in an event, but also the ability to plan and implement the event. In each state, the College Kayak Fishing Team has identified a well-qualified “intern” who works to recruit anglers, contact local shops, solicit prizes, and direct the tournament the day of the event. Through this holistic process, collegiate anglers learn valuable lessons about the inner-workings of the kayak-fishing industry. Additionally, several anglers have been able to make lasting connections with sponsoring shops, and some actually obtain gainful employment through the process. As it builds and develops upcoming members of the industry, CKF is a sustainable and beneficial tournament and resource to the kayak angling community. For more information about the series, visit www.collegekayakfishing.com, or email Tournament Director, Aaron Stiger at acstiger@gmail.com.